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On-Site I.T. Tech

If you're looking for the best IT services in Durant for your small business, look no further. With On-Site IT Service, you don't have to have your own IT department. 

We'll be there for you whether you have simple questions, sudden system issues, need computers repaired, system backups, or just want to keep your systems up to date. Using our services is like having your own computer tech on location without near the cost. We can also help you ensure the safety of your important information and data by helping you set up systems for backup.

Our Computer Tech services perform best for small businesses with 5 to 20 computers. Though we can help whether you have more or less.

Durant, OK

Serving Durant, OK... Calera, Mead, and Beyond.

Computer Repair

Virus Removal

PC Repairs

Hardware and Software Upgrades

New Computer Setup

We provide a wide variety of pc repair and technical computer services. What we really do is more than just fix computers. We provide tech support. We troubleshoot and explore difficult issues, from computer issues to network issues. We're not a drop off site like some Computer Stores. This is a computer service. We will come to your location, whether you just want us to pick up computer equipment or if you would like us to work on your problem right there, like your own personal IT guy there to fix your computer problems.

Don't worry. We're used to it.

How Do I Make My Computer Faster?

Web Design and Development

Website Design

Web Application Development

SEO Services

Social Media Services

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