Blue River Tractors

As an agricultural equipment dealer and service department, Blue River Tractors needed a website where they could list a large inventory. This site was meant for branding, drawing in new business, and showcasing the equipment and services that they have to offer. 

I love the use of Red particularly in the wood on this site. Mahindra is one of their main suppliers and their color is red, so that was an important thing for us to incorporate for branding purposes. 

This site is undergoing some redesign and development right now. So it may look a little different next time you visit it!

Vann Dixon, CPA P.C.

For this CPA website, I wanted to heavily incorporate the logo as well as things you might quickly associate with an Accounting service, money, math, tax tables, etc...

This website has a fairly standard layout with a main body and a sidebar. We put some quick links at the top so we could highlight certain things.

Doug Kopf

I originally designed a site for Doug Kopf while he was running for a local office. When that campaign was over, we converted the website to a sort of quick business card. I love this idea! This is a quick way to let people you've met find your contact information after losing your business card. And the fact that it's separate from any company that you work for means that you can list multiple things that you do and different contact information for different uses.

Campbell Real Estate Group

If you're looking for a home, or looking to sell a home, in Durant, OK, then Mona Campbell is who you want to call. And not just because she has the best Real Estate website in the area! But you know, it helps!

This website showcases a quick database search capability. It's integrated with a real estate API to show listings without having to do data entry in additional system to what they're used to.

The listing pages take advantage of infinity scrolling. So you never have to push NEXT PAGE, you just keep scrolling down as it loads more listings for you. This site is also responsive. This makes it more easily usable on mobile browsers, which is now very important for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well.

ACME - Advanced Care Medical Equipment

This was a big update for ACME. This medical equipment store in Durant, OK had an old website that hadn't been updated in years. They updated their logo and decided that it was time to update their website as well. In this new update, we heavily incorporated their logo and its new colors.

This website is responsive! So it looks good on mobile devices and looks good to Google!

Recently, we began incorporating one of their supplier's catalog system so we could show customer's a larger selection of what they have to offer without a massive amount of data entry.

This website, like a few of the others here, use a Concrete 5 CMS system. You're probably not familiar with it, but Concrete 5 makes editing these sites really simple. Keep your site up to date. Keep adding new content! You're in control!

El Rio Hunting Club

This website is not very original to be honest. And I'm not saying that critically! Hear me out!

The customer wanted to move his website over to Button 108, but he had a website that he was happy with. I didn't feel comfortable taking the exact design. Many of the elements were very recognizable to the original designer (as in... he used them on most if not ALL of his websites). So I re-did it from scratch but followed the overall layout and colors in keeping with my client's request. We added some new functionality, and by the end we had a website that was brand new, but once again not completely original to me. The end result has stood up quite well. Still looking good!

So while I cannot take full creative claim to this website, it is an example of the services I can offer in migrating sites and designing a traditional standard layout website.

Extreme Land and Homes

David Davis, over at Extreme Land and Homes, designs and builds some of the most beautiful and recognizable homes that I have ever seen. These homes are distinguished and elegant. So my desire here was to make the site elegant and to make it really highlight the pictures of his work.

This site makes use of a bit of animation and a portfolio system.

Shalom Rose Photography

This tasteful pin-up style boudoir photography service is no longer active, but it's a good example of letting the company shine more than the website. This website was very simplistic. It had a side menu and a scrolling portfolio selector along the bottom, but the pictures would fill the screen letting the artists work take full focus.

Walt Davis Ranch

Walt Davis is a well-known ranching consultant and an author of both fiction and non-fiction. This website is  a method of promoting and selling his books. 

The rustic design of this website captures the feel we were looking for. There is a blog page and a page to browse the books he has written.


This is an entrepreneurial project of an individual in the Durant area. They wanted to be able to help local businesses reach new customers. The idea was to have coupons, local event listings, advertisements, and to pair all of that with shared mailings and digital billboard services.

The calendar is very useful if you want to know what's going on in our area!

Originally, you had to login to view the site, but we adjusted it to allow people to visit the site without going through a login process. A nag screen still asks that you would share your email address or link your Facebook account, but you can ignore it and keep moving if you prefer.

Button 108

Oh, I like this one! This is an old design of my site. My site has gone through a few upgrades.

Sometimes your site needs to evolve as your business evolves. You re-evaluate your needs, your goals, and even your branding. Keep moving forward. 

Maybe, for now, you just need a simple website to get you started, but later you may need to go full-fledged with online store. Wherever you are at with your business, I can help you make it work.

The River

This is my other Job. I'm a youth pastor at the River in Durant, OK. I was there before I started this business. In fact, my wife and I have been the youth pastor's there for seven years. When people ask what brought me to Durant, this church is the answer.

When our church decided that they needed a website, someone started using a free WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor/host online. You know the type, If you have an eye for design and a few bucks, you might be able to make this work, but for most people, this is a bad idea. Your website is important and worth the investment.

So I jumped on it and asked for enough money to purchase a hosting service, and in exchange I designed the website for them. Since then, we have changed pastors and totally redesigned the website to what it is today. It's a very unique, yet simplistic, design.

It hosts a podcast and videos, allows people to give online using PayPal, and even has some other advanced features behind the scenes.

Our church doesn't just have a good website. Come check us out some Sunday or Wednesday!

Well, that's not all folks...

This isn't all of the websites that I have designed, but it's a good selection. Hopefully this gives you an idea of what I do and what I can do for you.

It all starts with consultation.

If you're interested in getting your business, cause, or idea online, it all starts with a consultation. Let me sit down and talk with you about your needs and your idea. We can discuss your ideas, thoughts, concerns and more. We'll get an idea of what it would involve and then get you a quote. You're not under any obligation. I'm won't be pushy, that's just not me.

You may be really surprised by how affordable our websites are.

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