Computer Performance

"My computer is running so slow!" We hear this all the time. You may SAY it all the time. That's probably why you're here right now!

Your computer may run slow for a couple of reasons:

If your performance has decreased since the time your computer was new, it may be a few things:

Yes, your expectations might have grown. You might be using a better computer at work. Your phone might be out-performing your computer. You might be using some blazing fast programs and then being troubled when you open a less-well-designed piece of software. If your expectations are out-growing your systems capabilities, it might be time to upgrade, whether upgrading your current system or upgrading to a new computer.

Assuming it's not just our expectations that have changed, there are a lot of steps you can take to improve the speed of your computer.

More Soon...

This page is being developed. I plan on adding more tips for you. So check back soon!


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