Conference Now

Posted on March 20, 2020


Download the PDF with Screenshots

Click the link above to download the PDF with screenshots of the process.

Download the App

Download the "Conference Now" app by "Callcentric, Inc." from your app store.

Use the Apple App Store or the Play Store on Android and search for this app.

You may be prompted for you Google or Apple account password to download any app.

Use the APP

  1. Create a new conference
    1. Push "+ Create Conference" at the bottom of the screen 580-924-4949
  2. Dial in

You can press the dial button

  1. OR Call in manually to the listed number and then enter the PIN when prompted
  2. Invite others
    1. Give anyone else the call in phone number and the PIN they will use to connect

OR push the Share button and send an email, text, etc which will contain all theinfo they need to connect


The free version allows up to 10 people on a call with unlimited duration.

There may be ads in the app but not in the conference call, besides a single announcement of a "free conference call provided by Conference Now"

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