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Posted on June 18, 2015

Today I was approached by a person I know quite well. He knows me and knows of my business. Yet after all this time, he asked me, "Do you fix computers too? Is that part of your business?" Really? Really?

Yes, I repair computers.

For a long time, I've branded myself in the following way, "Button 108, LLC... Computer Repair and Web Design in Durant, OK." In my mind, that should answer the question of "do you fix computers." However, as I thought about this, I realized that this may no longer be the best way to brand myself.

If you have a computer that's running slow or has malware on it, I will absolutely fix it for you. However, my ideal client, the one's who make up the majority of my business are companies with 5 to 15 computers. I can be a huge benefit to a company this size. They're small enough that they really do not need an IT professional as a full-time or even as a part-time employee. Yet there is plenty of IT work to be done and systems to be managed.

I can take care of their needs as they arise, whether it's system crashes, software updates, computer upgrades, or just standard operating questions.

Computer Repair and Web Design... I have to think about this now. How do I best represent myself to my clients and potential clients. 

I am a computer technician, providing on-site IT services in the Durant, OK area.

I also do Web Design and Computer Repair.

Computer Repair
Computer Technician
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